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Stress, Mental Health and Resilience

In this course you will learn that stress is a natural process that can be managed through awareness and top-down control. You will be introduced to defences, natural and learned, and that while they are intended to be adaptive and protect us against injury and harm, maladaptive defences can lead to illness and suffering. You will discover the magic of neuroplasticity, and that all individuals have the ability, through consistency of practice, to establish new neural pathways in favour of making better decisions when encountering stress. In this paradigm shift, mental illness is not a character flaw; managing our mental well-being takes skills, building resilience fortifies us with those skills! Finally, you will be introduced to a practical tool to locate and assess one's present relationship to stress, manage defences, and mitigate poor mental health outcomes.

Resilience and Mental Fitness

This course introduces mental fitness, a proactive and strength-based approach to building resilience. We will reimagine stress as pressure that when positively engaged, serves as the counterweight and stimulus for growth. You will learn how emotional reactions to stress can be positively managed by developing resilience skills with mental exercises designed specifically to help stretch, strengthen, and forge new neural connections. We will discover how individuals' strengths are unique and different, and how awareness and insight into one's tendencies, makes it possible to take advantage of the magic of neuroplasticity to rewire your brain and change your behaviour. We will introduce the 16 resilience factors, associated with psychological skills and activities, that when exercised and practiced, serve to increase psychological strength, and enhance mental fitness.

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